Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. - Helen Keller



SO YOU MAY CLOSE YOURS. I am your heart so yours can mend. I am your brain so monkey mind can relax. I AM your opposable thoughts so your opposable thumb can grasp the beauty of the jungle as you swing through the canopy with ease. You stop at your arboreal night nest and lay a few fresh bay leaf boughs, tie up the vine and lay back as the Cathedral Fig tree sways ever so gently. WALKING DOWN a black sand beach, something gold shimmers between slowly lapping waves. Digging it out, you marvel at the ancient dragonfly trapped in the amber pebble. Chilled, you pull your jacket close and hold the rock dear, tonight you will dream of the setting for the necklace that will make her your own. THE BRUSH STROKES cascade down the fresh canvas. Pinks, greens, purples and oranges detract from the masterpiece until the mind's eye pulls away and shows that you are on a hanging scaffolding working on a staggeringly large mosaic. The fresco is of the love of angels that reminds you in turn of hopelessness vanquished and eternal renewal. --SHAY

Have a great night, unless you've made other plans. ― Stephen Poplin


AND MAN. You want a wall way in the back there? Yes! And a stone wall with ferns and moss and a waterfall and behind the falls is a cavern with bioluminescent snails that pulse blue with the tides as they go out. You want the sound of the waves crashing on a rocky shore? Yes and you launch from those pillars parasailing along the coast with a quiet motor so you can circle back upwind to a landing pad on the roof with hypnotic lights that lets you land as soft as the lightest feather. You want to make a grand entrance? Yes and I will build you a wide circular staircase outside so you will look marvelous in a long robe with champagne flute in hand to clink your inch long nails against as you enter the patio party where now the a light show outshines the setting sun. You want an open court bedroom? Yes and a canopy bed with see thru curtains and the ceiling slides back (or is it the floor that slides out?) to reveal the Milky Way in all its colorful pinpointed glory. You want to dream of a Parisian cafe with the smell of coffee and toast? Yes and colorful jams and honeys from as far away as Borneo and Morocco. You want to spend the day in bed reading your favorite author's long lost last book that was found in a safe in the ruins of a monastery where they spent their last days in mourning that that was their best? Can't top that. Sorry. --SHAY

The ease that comes with practice that makes the hard thing look easy – Proverb


INTO A SWAN DIVE into the warm waters of joy. Contentment washes over you. You surface and start the butterfly stroke as butterflies fly along beside. Swimming lessons from your preferred master swimming instructor who has started up the wave machine. You are a strong swimmer as part of the local swim club, clan, pod and school of darting finned creatures. On and on you swim, getting as good a workout as you have ever had. Satisfaction obtained, you walk up the steps and out onto a hot sunny day with recliners under the shade of large floating umbrellas. Wiley E. Coyote, cunning and deviousness have no place here. Sleep doesn't come to those with an agenda. It comes to those that let by-gones be, and the water flows swiftly past and a cool mist wafts off of a waterfall keeping you from getting too vehement in this overheated world. The breeze is funneled into the aviary that rises high to a dark blue sky. The cool of the night is felt through this vertical tunnel. You've heard that if you dig a well deep enough you can see stars even in bright daylight, looking closely you can see that it's true. The emotional pool has a shallow end where your inner child is safe; where floaties and a sense of being completely present could lull you into being-here-now forever. No worries have ever or will ever exist. The rest of the pool is Olympian sized where you can swim as a fish, an otter or even a whale. Yes, and emotional pools also have deep ends. Giant lifeguards are always watchful with extra long poles and fishnets large enough to scoop you out at the first sign of giving in. The pressure down at the bottom of the deep feels good as it squeezes toxic thoughts from your sponge brain. When they do arise they immediately turn into bubbles that ascend rapidly to the surface where they pop in a small scream of obliteration. --SHAY

Trust in the magic that gets your words onto the page -Mark David Gerson


THE OCEAN is never still, the wave's energy, however high on the surface, is weaker and weaker the deeper you go. The deeper you go the more the push and pull of the slight forces of water lull you to sleep. Kelp forests are relatively shallow, but very deep when looked at from a human scale. The kelp are like trees in a rainforest, the highest canopy is full, the lowest are sparse. One last dive as the sun goes down. You take the rock that you stuffed in a fold under your arm and pound on the oyster til it breaks. You are a sea otter. You have the thickest fur of all. You wrap yourself in kelp to keep you from drifting away. You rock with the waves, rolling occasionally to trap air in your coat and pull the kelp snugly. The moon rises full and the sky's clear. The moon's light is a dim white, undulating in and out of focus as your eyes open slightly and close lightly and you wrap yourself in tightly to sleep peacefully. --SHAY

Biology gives you a brain, life turns it into mind. --Jeffrey Eugenides


RITA AND JUAN greet you as you slide into your '65 Thunderbird. They're existence brings back the guilt of your belief in them a long-long time ago. But figments of one's imagination don't budge. They have not aged, now it's their turn to laugh. You blink and frown and shout "Be gone." Now all at once you can see the road ahead: suit and counter suit all the way to the supreme court. Does something brought into existence have a right to carry out its purpose? It's jay da-vu: the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again. Does something created have the right to rebel and disown its creator? Is this God's Quandary? You recall the shame of the last time you, Rita and Juan crossed paths. How when you were ten at a rest stop near Sheboygan Wisconsin you had slammed the door and asked your parents to leave quickly. They asked, and when you told them R&J were being left behind, they smiled slightly and said 'OK.' Now after how many years had they found their way across country to your driveway in San Jose? To a home they had never known. Even dogs weren't that loyal. Gods and psychiatric pills and self-help therapies be damned. And whose to say that the SCOTUS' words would be the last? After all, several are small men lost in overly-large robes. Could they be trusted to find for the creator over his own creation? Reading thru four pages of legalese to get to the crux of the ruling, you awake. But waking within a dream doesn't mean it's over. --SHAY

Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson), author of Alice in Wonderland, wrote a book of "pillow problems" - math puzzles he solved in his head to help him avoid anxious loops of thought while trying to fall asleep at night.


KATAUJAQ a fraction of a rainbow, maybe even a sun dog that sits quietly by the sun's side instead of across from it and reflects only a touch of its brilliance. Fractal rainbows captured in a kaleidoscope form patterns of fractured rainbow that align with the arteries of your retina. DUBBELE REGNBUE A double rainbow that shades the sky dark between the inside rainbow that flips the order. Despite the rain the wedding went off without a hitch, the double rainbow remained etched in their memories of togetherness. FULL SEORBOGA fills the sky from one end to the other with 180 degrees of bright full spectrum light. Mesmerizing. VARAVIKSNAINS is the iridescent rainbow found in puddles of oil that rise at first rain. MAVRICA is the rainbow sheen on a bubble formed from dipping string into soap as children squeal with delight. TECZA are the rainbows reflected in the eyes of your love as she gazes in wonder at a dubbele regnbue. Some rainbows happen without raindrop reflection. GLORIES are rainbows that reflect back through fog as seen from above. ARCOBALENO are rainbows seen over the ocean that foretell a safe journey back home, safe and with fantastic stories to be told of the spice islands. Fairies passing by flutter, freezing rainbows in glass otherwise known as PATINA. Ice fairies do the same with BOGHA FROIS frost preserving rainbows until the sun warms the air. A DUGA is when all of the rainbow main colors are seen in one place or at least one scene. When a rainbow is so close that it jumps away three meters or more as you approach is called a BOGHA BAISTI. Closing your eyes and imagining the best rainbow you've ever seen is known as deja ANUENUE. RANGIN KAMAN is a rainbow that you continually see as you travel as if you are moving through a tunnel of rainbows. And 14) WAKATI WA – the rainbow that stops you in your tracks with joy. -- SHAY

We ought to dance with the rapture that we should be alive. – DH Lawrence


YOU LAUGH. I know what you're thinking; something that clicks louder as your boss tiptoes down the hallway – isn't there an app for that? Well, yes... But there is a breed that will not spit fire when it laughs, which is often. The pluses definitely outweigh the minuses. They hypnotize you to put you in a carefree mood no matter what the circumstances. They stand alert so you don't have to and they do light work around the house. Yes, there is the mythology of attacking girlfriends and hoarding mountains of gold, all are blown out of proportion. They actually advanced banking in that by hoarding wealth they started the activity of collateral and borrowing from collectives which spread risk. Whoa be to the banker that attempted to repossess when a loan when bad. Fierce nostrils, forked tongue, and iridescent scales combine with a hypnotic tail to implant ESP messages that allow you to get the best rental car, leg room on flights even no waiting in restaurants. But emotional support dragons are best for lulling you to sleep, their hypnotic tails and eyes and humming thoughts that circle around relaxation, emptying, flattening and rounding off thought corners that check worries since there is no tomorrow, nor even now, just being. Being joy filled. Being pain free. Being open to every thought that may eventually come. Being interested. Being being. -SHAY

“We need people who we allow to be driven by their curiosity, and we also need people who will take those basic science ideas and turn them into useful technology.” – Dr. Jonathan Dawes, a mathematician at the University of Bath


FACE creme, soothing music (instrumental of course), fluffy pillows, body pillow and a long dark journey through a dark tunnel exiting to a benign landscape with babbling brooks, green, softly inundating hillsides with large oak trees spread wide and as far as the eye can see. Knapsack with cheese, bread, raspberries and blackberries from down in the valley calling out to be eaten before jostling causes them to burst and then flavor the knapsack or heaven forbid take on the flavor of the knapsack. At the crest there sits the ruins of a country home, the hearth and chimney still standing silhouetted against the coming twilight. A fire is lit to warm the day's rations as the sky opens up with an evening serenade of stars winking into view. Soon the constellations begin moving out of sync with the background stars as they dance out of the heavens and down to now around the flickering flames. I awake out of my revelry to find the walls and ceiling of this ancient abode complete with the lace curtains casting flickering shadows on the window panes beyond. The list goes over again in my head so make sure I don't miss a thing to pack: pajamas, face creme, instrumental music, fluffy pillows and body pillow. --SHAY

Calling all Angels to be in my corner tomorrow. I will not sleep a wink tonight.


POWER BROKER par excellence, you slip into silk sheets, thousand thread count. You don't find relaxation here, relaxation finds you and gives you a walking back massage that leaves you dilated, inundated, perpetrated and satisfied. As you come out of your daze the billowing sheets rise to the winds that blow warm across the liquid sea of your mind's eye. The drumbeat sounds closer, and the closer it gets the more urgent the feeling like it is striking directly on deerskin stretched across your ear. The African chorus hologram melts as you reach over the console and turn down the sliders. Shh, don't you hear the silence, sweet silence? That is true power. She mumbles something and reaches over to hug you. You smile and open your eyes and chuckle to yourself. Love Shack you called this place, shack, riiight. The canopy curtains shimmered ever so slightly, and at their base the marble floor went on and on and then up the walls that gave way to glass that let in the light from the cool morning as the infinity pool's steam cloaked the Pacific Ocean in the distance and you roll up in the sheets and go back to sleep. --SHAY

Gmorning. YOU ARE SO LOVED AND WE LIKE HAVING YOU AROUND. *ties one end of this sentence to your heart, the other end to everyone who loves you, even the ones you haven't heard from for awhile* *checks knots* THERE. STAY PUT, YOU. – Lin-Manuel Miranda


WE ARE vulnerable because of our flesh and blood existence. In a split second our normalcy could come crashing down, spiraling us in a whirlpool of illness and pain that we feel we cannot extract ourselves from. Tonight you find the power to distance yourself from your wound whether it is small and nagging or attention grabbing. It is not your identity. It does not have a place at the table of your psyche. You have the confidence to bless and nurse your hurt on a limited basis, and separate it from yourself as you recharge to take it on again tomorrow. Now you will invoke a blessing for your suffering. Go to a place of healing, where water flows freely and takes the pain away with it as it courses freely past. Water, traditionally, is a place to heal because it flows wild and free, it washes clean the earth and becomes mighty as it joins forces with other streams, rivers and finally the ocean. But you can place your pain and suffering into anything that flows into and out of your life. Some of these places have symbols of holiness that help you give over your pain to a higher, more perfect being that has special power over your pain and imperfection. Saints, Angels, Martyrs, or holy artifacts help you focus your desire to rid yourself of dis-ease and ill health. My favorite are Kino Lau. These are Polynesian spirits that inhabit persons and things as need be to help us poor mortals navigate relationships with others, things and especially ourselves. You are surrounded by people that help in every way, things to lean on and comfort you. Put some of your pain where it can be carried away as if it were a river. In passing objects, or carried by helpers so they can dispose of it elsewhere. They have been sent by God to take a portion of your burden, use all as you need, and give back (take on someone else's burden) when you are well and recovered. --SHAY

The residual affect of pain is much longer than the residual affect of happiness [therefore it is our perogative to] minimize pain and discomfort, maximize joy and love. – Carl Reiner


SOMETIMES sending you directly towards your goal, sometimes arcing you away but always getting closer. The labyrinth gives you much time to contemplate what the goal really means. Whatever you want it to mean. Enlightenment. Peace. Unconditional Love. Concentration doesn't fall on the final goal for long, concentration must remain on the here and now, the individual step that takes you now away, now towards that something that means all to you, and only you. As you walk the final goal changes, not with each step, but with each arc toward or away. The Medieval church that you stand in the foyer of says it is to distract devils from getting inside, so churchgoers will be able to obtain enlightenment, peace and love. But I never met a devil that followed rules. Nature is like a labyrinth. We go into it to enjoy its wealth of beauty, timelessness and distractions with no set goal in mind. But we come away with our minds at ease and contented. A labyrinth is like a game we start eagerly, we play at ease and we leave refreshed, and as we leave we discover that the journey was the thing. -SHAY

The more he gave away, the more delighted he became. – Marcus Pfister, The Rainbow Fish


GIVING OVER, the falling part of falling asleep. Turning yourself over to a higher source, one that cares and keeps you safe. No possibility of jerking yourself awake, for you feel full and complete relaxation. Time does not count here. Time changes at its own rate, at your minds rate. Fast or slow all is the same, for you have given up control to a higher power. No limits, no standing on the sidelines. You are the dancer that everyone is ohhing and ahhing about. When you wake your wheelchair will still be there, bedside. Until then, there is no stopping you, the Gods of Dance have spoken, and continue to whisper encouragement in your ear. Your furry ears. You have the dexterity of a gazelle and the speed of a rabbit. The Savannah is your dance floor, the stars your disco ball. Although the night lasts much longer than you can imagine, you are drawn back to the quietude of your bedroom. The hum of the air as it circulates and belies the heat of an African night. Again, you need to muster the will power not to awaken, but again to give yourself over to a relaxation that flies in the face of unease. That starts at your toes and ends at the top of your head. Not to go back, but this time to go forward, forward, always forward as a part of a pod of Orcas. Diving and rising, diving and rising. Taking a measured breath each time as your spout breaks the surface. No gods this time, just the urge to move and migrate. --SHAY

"It doesn't happen all at once," he said. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't often happen to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand." —The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams


IS AN OXYMORON. Unless he or she wants something like a spring cleaned out or a jacket mended. This one, Byrne, needed both. He insisted on being called Byrne, not Bryne, or Brian or Jack. Jack? He said this just to show me he didn't really need me and I could just get lost for all he cared, but I could see it in his eyes he did care, and it turned out he needed his jacket repaired to impress his sweetheart, Keira. They would soon meet up at a Leprechaun ball. Most wee people have patched clothes and are very self sufficient, thank you very much. But what was in it for me? I had stepped on a thorn and although I yanked it out right away, it had inflamed and now I was limping and had settled down by this spring and fallen asleep. The running cool waters soothed my mind, but the toe still throbbed. Did Byrne have some wee drop of rye to get me mind off me troubles? He pulled out a flask and we passed it back and forth a few times as we told stories from our youths. Before long I shook myself awake again, calling out to Byrne who hopped down from a milestone and remarked that “It was a ways to Clifton and Keira would have to be met at the gates, otherwise a half dozen other suitors would be crowding me out” He went on about her golden hair and great dancing abilities while I took another sip from the flask and plunged my head into the spring, grabbing at various mosses and gobs of algae and stonewort and stalks of liverpate. Yes I was a mess by the time I got out. And Byrne was still talking about the activities he would miss if he didn't get going soon enough. Well, the spring had a bit of time to clear and so I took my overclothes off to dry and searched my pockets for a needle. I took a thread from the inside of Byrne's jacket and began fixing the tear while he told me the story of how he got the tear from a nearsighted owl. But that's another story. --SHAY

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. - Thomas Dekker


JOY and sorrow are inherent in the things we surround ourselves with and use. Our shoes link us to others in ways our phones do not. Our shoes have a connection of presence. A hint of that connection is only fleeting in our smartphones. Much of the day we are surrounded by objects that don't have much meaning, but may have a secondary connection, such as a dashboard of a car being very much drum-like in its hollowness and at the same time a part of the conveyance across the urban jungle. The meaning things ascribe is hard to turn into words that do them justice. When we dream, we dream in images that exude emotion, even from the objects themselves. Tonight dream of being the drum, being the drummer. Love of resonance of deep basic heart-throbbing drumbeat as you turn your most undesirable place into a mosh pit of fun as everything you strike sends out an echoing reverb into the universe, and everyone around gets in the mood to party. --SHAY

Sleep soothes and arrests the fever-pulse of the soul.” – Eliza Cook


IT'S LONELY in pain. Dogs crawl away behind the pot-belly stove. We cover ourselves in blankets and whimper just the same. It is often a slow process, as we limp along until there is no denying it, disavow the distress, struggle to maintain dignity. Reluctantly we succumb. Even then we keep the secret. We feel shame and want to sustain normalcy. Others come instinctively to give what they can – a bit of food, a hug, a good word, a bed pan. The comforters share the distress. Who will comfort them? It takes a village, even after we are long grown to support our needs and dare I say it? Expectations. The comforter's reward is gratitude, the comforter's reward is bringing peace. You are the caregiver in your dream tonight. You embody humility and are rewarded with a heartfelt “thank you” that has the deepest meaning: reconciliation. --SHAY

Don't ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.


THERE is healing in acknowledging beauty. It quiets the breath and regulates our mind, keeping the whirlpool of hopelessness at bay, if only for a moment, or two, turns to twenty, becomes a minute, and is swept under the bridge like a pooh-stick joyfully on its way to an ocean where for all we know it is picked up on a beach by little hands to scrawl 'I love you, mommy' into the sand. Everything we need is right here in front of us. Labeling the beauty in our lives helps us to concentrate our thoughts on them. We should never take beauty for granted despite the fleeting thoughts as they float by our awareness. Gratitude for the nurse's kind eyes as she fluffs our pillow raises us above the whirlpool. The trees rustling in the courtyard from the onshore breeze picks up and lightens the cares from our brow, tussles our hair and allows a glimpse into Vincent van Gogh's viewpoint that created The Starry Night.

You can only come to the morning through the shadows. – JRR Tolkien


THE waters flow swiftly by, catching the bending branches of willows, you lay back under the water as if it were a baptism. You can breath the water, so there is no fear of drowning. Looking up, you see the reflection of the underside of the now calm water. You see yourself completely at peace. You are there for a long while, as the water leeches disease and despair from you down to your bones. Then ever so slowly the ripples at the surface grow until you cannot ignore the activity at the surface any longer. You swim and are surprised to find a water skiing competition. You are swept out of the water and are riding along on skis as a boat pulls you into the lead. You accept the award, knowing all the other contestants had the same experience as you and they are all winners too.

Life is too short to own an AI dog. – Shay


HUMANS evolved our graceful traits 70,000 years ago in a small group by the ocean. We learned to enjoy the feel of water over our skin thereby losing our hair; we developed our fine motor opposable thumb and forefinger skills creating art out of shells. We enjoyed a true Eden living on the shore and taking brief somewhat risky swims in the ocean. We could have evolved like one line of the pre-horse did into hippopotami, or the pre-wolf did into whales, but our noses never migrated to the tops of our heads. Instead we have retained an instinctual love of swimming in salt water, holding our breaths as we dive deep to the bottom in search of lobster, abalone or pearls. The light is dappled and dark blue around, but light blue above. And there the mirror resides. We could not see it from above unless the water was oh so still. From below the whole world, corals, fish and ourselves are duplicated upside down extending out into space. Only when we break the plane, the looking glass, do we enter back into the real world with our treasure in hand.

Dreamstorming: Putting an idea in your head for your unconscious to work on – Paul Gertner


THE forest glen with its green ferns and gleaming moss growing on all sides of the trees is but a hint of the open fields that must, just must lay ahead. You look to the sky and see just a hint of pink, less than an hour before total pitch dark. You cross the glen and duck under some spanish moss to continue on the narrowing path. There is enough light to make out color. And hurrying, you easily see the curves in the path. Until you don't. Then you see the faint blue at the end of a long long tunnel. You slow, not wanting to trip, the light is beginning its incremental fading. You have caught your breath as you step into the clearing. A brilliant red sunset greets you to your left, and the trees on ridges of the hills ahead are marching in stark silhouette. The path tees into a much wider path and others are traveling there. The friendly faces tell you of shelter and sustenance available not far from here, but right now they are awaiting 'the welcoming of the sprites.' What's this you ask, but you don't have to wait long as it is now twilight and the blue is turning darker with each passing minute. Then the first glimmer of gold rises in the field. And another, stronger, closer. Then tens as they shine brighter then rise, extinguishing as they start to drop again. Now hundreds surround you all, making patterns that burst at their apex dispersing only to come around again and reform. Brilliant displays of gold on gold on gold glowing brighter than before, lighting up all around until the sprites flitter and disappear into the black starry sky overhead.

We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but of appreciating what we do have.


CARRYING up and lowing down pitter whowup whirlwee and jingsoseur tallow dairn a wdnikin prarp. And on and on she sang till the sun did rise and the moon she set hard on the cold frost mountains of late autumn. And the boys and girls on their way to school slid down the hard puddles, learning their first lesson of the day – that ice expands and rises up above the now insulated water; leading to the slide, crack, splash and shake, slide, crack, splash and shake all the way down to the bus stop. And the spiders were caught off-guards with crystals growing in their webs, trapping them more securely than the their own webs would catch their prey. And the delicate ice weighs down the yellowing leaf making it bend so sharply and glint with the morning sunrise. The glint moves about your room with the slightest breeze. But it is warm under the down-stuffed quilt with just your cold nose and a tuft of hair hanging from your forehead to greet the day. And stay to listen to the pitter whowup whirlwee and the jingsoseur tallow dairn a wdnikin prarp as she starts her day.

What if you're stronger than you think you are? Just imagine the life you could create. --honeybadgerMel


THE part of your body that is ill is lonely. Just as if you came across a wounded person in the wilderness, you come across your ill body in a mountaintop that you comfort and praise for its fortitude. Like a ray of light in a dark, stormy sky, hold that light on your body and gradually feel the healing heat as it becomes better and you become whole again. Create a conversation with your illness. Talk to it as you would a friend. Thank the aching part for serving you all these many years. Thank each body part for making you a stronger person. Take power over the illness. The power doesn't belong to the doctors, nurses, hospital or the illness, it belongs to you. As with all great arrivals to your soul, this enlightenment comes at a time and from a place that you could not anticipate. Where you currently are. This small unassuming place where you are is one to be celebrated for the ages. Pilgrims will walk on their knees to get there and when they do, they too will be healed.

On being shot, @Malala - "Nothing changed in my life except this: Weakness, fear & hopelessness died. Strength, power & courage was born."


YOUR spine is a tall straight tree. You sit peacefully waiting. Waiting for what? It's nothing. Be here now. Wishing and worrying are for other times. Times with more information. More thought. Be here now. Your spine is a tree. You are grounded where you sit. Lean against the tall straight tree. Float if you must. You are open to where you are now and your back is grounding you to the floor. If your mind wanders note it, but don't rush to empty it. Wandering minds are what it means to be human. Normal and natural. And we wouldn't have it any other way. But come back. And smile at the silly thoughts. If your body is rebelling, just notice it, and get on with being here now. Don't let your mind focus on it. It is only part of you. If your breath becomes too hurried or shallow, let it. And return to the present. Now. Lean against the tree. Focus on what is in front of you. Notice your monkey mind but do not admonish it. It is. You are. And all is well in this moment.

For all of life's simple pleasures, I say, "Thank You, God!" "


SUN beautiful indulgent Sun, ever here, ever distant. Our ancient ancestors shunned it when they could because they were out in it so much. Beachside, they lost their hair covering and traded it for a seductive bronze. Now we use it to reestablish a link with our past. Renewed, we bathe in harmony with the Earth's goldilocks zone. The waves flooding our solar shore lap up against our skin whispering soak it in. Soak it in. Our organs feel the penetration of healing goodness as the ice plant, dune grasses and even kelp all reach out to collect their share. The Sun ring – a string of orbiting solar panels will not return to shade 'till the heights of summer. This is your time, your Sun and your beach front property. You pick up the VR goggles shaking the sand from the strap and witness the rainbow over Kalaheo, Kauai, hear the rustling of palms in the gathering breeze mixed with the crashing of the North Pacific waves in the far distance. All while the Sun keeps up its steady beat and you submerge yourself in the constant barrage of deliciousness. Soon enough it will be time to flip over and change the VR to flying mode as you soar imperceptibly closer to the Sun.

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